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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Adware Spyware Removal Guide

This adware and spyware removal guide aims to help people to understand a little about spyware, adware, malware and rid these malicious acts. For years we have been inundated with adds popping up, malicious programs taking over our computers forcing some of us off the net and into the local computer repairer. I believe i have found a method to rid this garbage for good.

# Is your computer running very slowly
# Do you have pop-ups constantly annoying you
# Do weird things seem to be happening when your on the internet

If you answered yes to any of the above then you have come to the right place. Through my three years of researching, fixing and creating my system to deal with these issues i have learn't one thing. The longer you leave these type of problems, the worse they get. Firstly, there are a few things you should know before you start. Here are some web definitions you should familiarise yourself with.

# Spyware - is software that covertly gathers user information through the user's Internet connection without his or her knowledge, usually for advertising purposes.
# Adware - is typically a separate program that is installed at the same time as a shareware or similar program, adware will usually continue to generate advertising even when the user is not running the originally desired program.
# Malware - Hardware, software, or firmware that is intentionally included or inserted in a system for a harmful purpose. (See: logic bomb, Trojan horse, virus, worm.)

Understanding some of these terms will help in combatting them.

Now that we know some of the definitions we can begin to combat the problems.

Firsty lets look at your Internet browser. A large percentage of people seem to be using the windows internet explorer. Not only is windows explorer very unstable, but its the reason for all those popups and rubbish coming through. My strongest advice would be to get rid of this browser immediately and upgrade to the new world of browsers, Mozillas firefox. Stable browser that keeps out those pesky popups and is the new world in browsing.

(Mozilla Firefox) Click on the FIREFOX icon at the top of this page ^^^

The next thing to look at is a firewall. Are you running a firewall?
If you are already running a firewall identify what it is. If it's windows firewall i strongly advise you to get something else as well. Personally, of all the firewall programs i have used I found Kerio Personal Firewall to be the best and i strongly advise that you get it. You can run both at the same time as i am doing right now. If you don't have a firewall then you can download a free trial of kerio personal firewall. It lasts about 3 months before having to pay to continue to use the full version. You can download it from this address:

(Kerio Personal Firewall)

Now that we have estabalised the problem stopping these pests getting through with mozilla's firefox and kerio's personal firewall, we can attempt to get rid of anything lurking on your computer. Firstly lets get a virus scanner. Antiviri Xp is fantastic. It is completely free for private/home use, is updated regularly and doesn't to my knowledge conflict with other programs. It is available for download at the address below.

(Anitivir XP)

This will get rid of some of those unwanted viruses and keep your computer virus free. Run this virus scanner at least once per week for best results. One thing you must also do every couple of weeks is update your software. Especially virus scanners. New viruses emerge everyday and to stay on top of them you need to keep you virus definitions updated.
Nearly there just one more thing to do.


Of all the spyware/adware removal software i have ever used this is the best. It will remove everything, i mean everything, be catious when using this and don't select delete all problems as it will delete all your cookies, other program update features etc etc. Be very careful using this program. Read all directions and follow carefully. If you are not sure of something either do a google search and find out what it is or ask! (note: If you have the nail.exe virus ewido will remove it!!)

These four programs, kerio personal firewall, mozilla firefox, antiviri XP, and ewido should rid your computer of these malicious programs and minimise any further intrusions. They also run perfectly together i.e. without crashing.

I take no resposibility for damage or loss of data. This is simply a guide, follow ups and research should be undertaken before deleting, scanning, or downloading software.


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