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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Adware Spyware Removal Guide - Updated August 2008

Wow! I cannot believe this blog is still alive.
I made one post on this blog back in 2005 and found it whilst trying to create a new blogger account. Unbelievable. This was my very first ever blog.

Amazingly all the information in my previous post is still valid even after 3 years and the only things that appear different is that ewido (the awesome program that is was) has now beeen taken over by AVG and kerio personal firewall has been taken over by sunbelt.

Firefox and Avira Antivir are still two programs i would highly recommmend today.

Everything i will be recommending in this post are free programs to both download and use. They are not trial versions, however some of those recommended are basic editions of the program.

I run 3 computers at home and haven't had barely any problems over the last year or two with adware, spyware, malware or viruses for that matter. My secrets for a clean and well protected computer these days are:

For anti virus i now use AVG Free Anti-virus (BASIC FREE EDITION).
You can download it here:
Like any antivirus software it does have it's pros and cons.

- Updates and runs itself automatically DAILY
- Integrates itself automatically with outlook for email scanning (providing a message in each email stating that "this email has been scanned with AVG antivirus)
- It picks up viruses easily(early detection) and quarantines.
-It has a following of 70 million users worldwide.
-It's trustworthy and comes in handy when it counts.

- It runs on startup by default and can really slow your computer down.

For an internet browser i am still using Mozilla's Firefox and i still personally think that it craps all over internet explorer 7.

For spyware, malware and adware i now use spybot and have been doing so for a while. Ewido was the best in it's day but spybot i feel has now taken charge. It picks up anything nasty lurking on your computer and i would recommend a full update and scan with spybot every 2 weeks. Read more and download spybot here:

Firewall - One of the three computers in my home network still uses Kerio Personal Firewall and it still works as well today as the day i downloaded it.
My other two computers now use a program called comodo. I have had comodo personal firewal for over a year now and in terms of protection it is definently one of the best programs out. Once again, this product is 100% free.
You can read more about it and download here:

Now i am no expert in this field nor am i claiming to be. I am just simply advising you on what has been great for both me, friends, and family.

I am going to attempt to post a little more regularly on this blog so please come back and have a read.

Just one more thing. If you see a little yellow exclamation mark in your taskbar (near the time) please click on it and do your windows updates. If i have one more person ask me do i have to download those update things i am going to scream!!! Of course you do.


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